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Full service in one hand – ROTOR ENERGY

We are climbing to the very top for you. We inspect. We repair. We check – and we document. So that you know exactly what we do up at the top.
In a nutshell: we do everything to ensure that your wheels never stand still. Because downtime is money.

Maintenance, inspections and repairs

We repair damages of all kinds (cracks, spalling, delamination, erosion damage, etc.).


We regularly clean rotor blades.

Expert report

We inspect your wind turbines before the warranty expires and as part of the recurring inspection.


We provide detailed, illustrated documentation on the damage type, characteristics and frequency. You will receive a transparent review of our work and our approach to the repair of individual damages.

Erosion protection

We renew flow elements and erosion protection film.

Lightning protection systems and measurement according to DIN VDE 0185/3

We renew and repair lightning protection systems. Our lightning protection measurement is carried out according to DIN VDE 0185/3.

Repair of the tip system

We are specialized in the repair of the tip system. In this way you protect the rotor of the stall-controlled wind turbine against over-speed in the long term.

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